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Date complaint was made: 07/23/19

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Consumer Complaint Form

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Heritage Title Company strives to achieve excellence in all that we do.

However, if our efforts have not met your expectations, please feel free to contact our office at (512) 505-5000, or you may complete the Consumer Complaint Form and submit it via this website. After your complaint is submitted, a representative will contact you to address your concerns.

Thank you for assisting us in our quest for excellence.

Heritage will maintain a Consumer Complaint Log of all complaints received and track the status of each complaint. A Consumer Complaint Manager will investigate the complaint and follow through to completion with all parties. All responses and resolutions will be entered into the log and maintained for a period of 4 years. If necessary, the Consumer Complaint Manager will forward all information to the President of the Company and/or to the underwriter.

The Consumer Complaint Log is reviewed by the President on a quarterly basis to confirm timely compliance with all complaints. On an annual basis, the log and procedures are reviewed to analyze the policy, the handling of consumer complaints and any complaint trends. This analysis is incorporated into ongoing employee training.