Award Winning Customer Service and High-Quality Solutions

Heritage Title Company has been heralded by its clients as being one of the finest title agents in the business. From large, national corporations, to small, family-owned businesses, whether handling a multi-state portfolio purchase transaction or an individual asset refinance, we provide all of our clients with high-quality solutions and award-winning customer service.

I’ve worked with Heritage Title for over 10 years now, and they are quite simply and without a doubt, the best in the business. Their reputation for professionalism, consistency, market knowledge and prompt service are unmatched in Austin. I’m very proud to call the people at Heritage partners and friends.

Testimonial - Seth Johnston

Seth Johnston

Senior Vice President-Executive Management

Lincoln Property Company

Austin, TX

I have had the pleasure of working with the Heritage Title team extensively over the past 15 years and have appreciated more than just their ability to provide high quality title insurance and associated services. They constantly demonstrate how well connected they are to the real estate industry and use their connectivity to help their clients expand their relationships and have better access to deal flow and information. Their influence in the industry is that of a principal organization rather than just a service provider and their knowledge and influence within the Austin TX community is unrivaled. If you demand the best relationships and most capable people to be involved in your transactions then you need to add Heritage Title to your team.

Testimonial - David J. Olney

David J. Olney

Senior Partner/Chief Investment Officer

Berkshire Property Advisors

Boston, MA

I have worked with Heritage Title for almost ten years during my tenure with AVB as the Managing Director and SVP of Investments and now at Bell Partners as the Chief Investment Officer. We have worked together on well over 20 transactions and I am impressed with their commitment, quality, speed and thoroughness. They are clearly an industry leader in delivering competitive rates, comprehensive coverage and a high level of service to their clients. I value our relationship, personally and professionally, and am grateful for their tremendous efforts and unwavering partnership.

Testimonial - Lilli Dunn

Lilli Dunn

Chief Investment Officer

Bell Partners Inc.

Alexandria, VA

Heritage Title has always been a constant in my real estate transactions. In an industry full of ebb and flow it is crucial to have a title company that is consistent with service, professionalism, and industry knowledge as a partner. This is why they are always written into our contracts as a deal point. The Heritage Team has never let me down.

Testimonial - Tim Hendricks

Tim Hendricks

Senior Vice President

Cousins Properties

Austin, TX

We have worked on a number of transactions with Heritage Title over the years. With the tight diligence timeframes and stringent closing requirements in today’s market, the many qualified escrow and title personnel at Heritage Title have always gone above and beyond to make certain that our transactions get the appropriate attention and action required.

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