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CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #47447

1031 Exchanges - By the Rules

Understanding the exchange process will help you understand what your customer is looking for in an exchange property.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #45537

A Dozen Common TREC Contract Problems

Learn to avoid, prevent, or solve common problems when they arise. Keep your clients happy, and your closing on time.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #46167

Addendums to the TREC Contract: In-Depth

An in-depth view of the various sections of the current TREC promulgated contract addendums.

CE Approved Classes
  • 3HR CE Credit |
  • Course #44602

A Guide for Realtors in Reverse Mortgages

This course explores the uses of a Reverse Mortgage for persons age 62 and older to facilitate the purchase of a new home. Understanding the Reverse Mortgage option can help increase your sales to an increasingly growing Senior population in Central Texas. Also covered will be the use of current equity to purchase second homes and investment properties. Learn how to use equity to promote Housing Wealth.

CE Approved Classes
  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #42323

Appraisal Techniques for the Real Estate Professional

This course is a step-by-step walkthrough of the appraisal process from a license holder perspective. The student will learn how to inspect property, verify the information, conduct market research, choose and evaluate comparables and ultimately setting the correct listing price. The student will learn about things that detour from value from obsolescence. And finally, the student will walk through the basic principles that affect the final price paid. License holders cannot conduct a certified appraisal, however, the real estate professional should be able to conduct a competitive market analysis as close to a certified appraisal as possible.

Special Events

Atlas-14 Floodplain Map Changes

Come learn about the new Atlas-14 flood plan. Also, hear the implications on flood insurance.

CE Approved Classes
  • 6HR CE Credit |
  • Course #44547

Broker Responsibility

The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. This course is a TREC required class for Texas Brokers.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #46746

Closed the Deal: Now What?

Studies have shown that many buyers and sellers would use their Realtor again and/or recommend their Realtor to others; but when the time comes, very few actually do. Why? The client/Realtor relationship slowly faded over the years due to lack of follow up. In this class, we will teach Realtors how to effectively maintain client relationships after the transaction closes to ensure repeat business and future referrals.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #44897

Closing the Foreign Seller

Learn the current FIRPTA laws to help navigate a closing when a foreign person is involved in the transaction.

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