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Life of a File with Mindy Hallford

Have you ever wondered what happens to your contract once it is delivered to the title company? Let our Closer walk you through the life of the file from the title company side. We will cover topics and questions such as:

What does my closer look for on the contract?
HOA, home warranty, payoff statements, oh my!
Where does the commitment come from, and what do all of those document numbers mean?
The lender says title has closing instructions, why don’t I have a settlement statement yet?
The lender said they sent docs, why aren’t we ready to sign yet?
My client has signed, what’s the hold up on getting keys to them?
Are we funded? What does it mean when I get the email saying we’ve funded?
When will the title policy be issued to my client?

We will be sure to allow time for Q & A along the way, so please bring your questions.

Special Events

Stump the Closer - Residential Escrow Panel

Bring your toughest questions to this interactive panel discussion led by our Rollingwood Residential escrow officers: Rhoda Stark, Amanda McDivitt, and Anna Lowery. This is your opportunity to ask our panel of experts those pressing questions regarding the title and settlement process. Come with questions prepared and be ready to engage and learn!

Special Events

Landscaping: Curb Appeal + Tree Identification

Come learn from landscaping and tree experts, Megan Lowry and Scott George, about curb appeal, what to plant when, how to identify trees, how to identify oak wilt, and so much more!

Special Events

Common Title Issues with Mindy Hallford

Have you ever wondered why your favorite closer needs something out of the ordinary in order to close? Our Escrow Officer, Mindy, is here to explain. We will touch on deceased owners in title, divorced or divorcing sellers, federal tax liens, abstracts of judgment, and much more. Let's learn the why behind the unusual title requirements.

Special Events

Tax-Reduction Strategies for Real Estate Agents with Karen Jones

Tax Season is upon us, so now is the time to start preparing. Join Karen Jones, Managing Partner with Meador & Jones, LLP, to learn about the key deductions that every real estate agent should know about to maximize tax savings. Learn which deductions qualify, how to apply for the deductions, and the specific IRS requirements associated with each deduction. Here are a few of the most common deductions you will learn about:
• Home Office Expenses
• Desk Fees
• Commissions Paid
• Education and Training Expenses
• Marketing and Advertising Expenses
• Car Expenses
• Food and Beverage Expenses
• Travel Expenses
• Technology Expenses
• Client Gift Expenses
• License, Membership, and Insurance Expenses

Special Events

Atlas-14 Floodplain Map Changes

Come learn about the new Atlas-14 flood plan. Also, hear the implications on flood insurance.

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