Property Taxes: Important Things to Know as a Seller and Buyer

I Sold a House but Received a Property Tax Bill for the House. What Do I Do?

Depending on what time of year you sold your home, the County Appraisal District and County Tax Office may not have updated the account to show a change of ownership. If you receive a tax bill for the property that you sold, refer to your closing statement and send the bill to the new owners. The Title Company does not send tax bills to new owners.

I Bought a House but Never Received a Property Tax Bill. What Do I Do?

Texas law makes it the responsibility of the property owner to pay by the tax deadline, even if you do not receive the bill through the U.S. Postal Service. Please contact the County Appraisal District to make certain the property is rendered in the current owner’s name. The Title Company does not undertake this task.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Property Tax Bill on Time?

State law requires you pay your taxes when you receive the bill. The final deadline to pay your tax bill is Jan. 31. If you do not pay by this date or if your mailed payment is postmarked Feb. 1 or later, state law automatically adds penalty and interest charges to your bill. The tax office does not have the legal authority to remove any penalty or interest charges.

How Do I Find a Copy of My Tax Bill?

Check with your Taxing Appraisal District and search for your property by name, address, or account number.

How Do I Change Ownership on a Tax Bill?

Check with your Taxing Appraisal District to find out the process for changing ownership. Many taxing authorities allow you to do so online, via mail or in person. Typically, once you make a change with their office, the appraisal district sends the updated information in about 30 days to the tax office.

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