We often see contracts with quick closing timelines. Whether it’s due to a relocation, competitive offer situation, or otherwise, we recognize the importance of adhering to the timelines and making sure the closing process is as smooth as possible.

To ensure a smooth closing, we offer the following quick tips for a quick close:

• First and foremost, choose Heritage Title Company. Working with our experienced, knowledgeable escrow teams makes all the difference, especially when it involves a quick close.

• Submit the contract to us as soon as possible and make sure all information is complete and correct, including but not limited to, party information, contract terms, marital status, and foreign seller status.

• Pay Earnest Money and Option Fees by either wire transfer or cashier’s check.

• If the Seller is an entity or held in a Trust, submit the documents for our review as soon as possible.

• If the seller has a mortgage on the property, provide us with the servicer’s contact number, loan number, and primary borrower’s social security number.

• If there is a Homeowner’s Association and the documents are needed quickly, be prepared to pay a rush fee to the HOA to obtain the information in a timely manner.

• If the Seller is providing an existing survey and T47 Affidavit, provide copies for our review as soon as possible.

Excellence is the heart of Heritage.

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