The process of buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience. Follow the tips below to make your closing with Heritage Title go as smoothly as possible!

1. When we first receive your contract, we’ll send out a “BUYER’S INFORMATION SHEET” to the Buyer and a “SELLER’S INFORMATION SHEET” to the Seller. Complete this form with all the required information as soon as possible and provide it to your Escrow Officer at your earliest convenience. It gives us vital information to start collecting the items we’ll need for closing!

2. When you come to closing, make sure that all parties bring their current, valid, and unexpired drivers licenses or passports! It’s vital that your closing agent have this for identification and notary purposes.

3. Buyers: We encourage you to wire your funds for your “cash to close” – Please ask your Escrow Officer for Wire Instructions. We’ll always send them through a secure message, and encourage you to call our office to verify them.
Sellers: We will be happy to wire your proceeds to you after closing! Please be sure to bring your wire instructions (Banking information, including ABA/Routing Number and your Account Number!) with you to your Closing.
4. WIRE FRAUD NOTICE: Due to increased risk of theft by wire fraud, Heritage Title Company must send Wire Instructions by encrypted email only. OUR WIRE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT CHANGE, so consider any communication to change them to be fraudulent. Please call your closing team to confirm the wire instructions before wiring your funds. Please wire your funds as soon as possible to avoid funding delays.

5. If you are unable to wire funds, we will accept a Cashier’s Check for all amounts over $1,500.00 made payable to Heritage Title Company. Only if your cash-to-close is $1500.00 or LESS will we accept a personal check. Please provide your closing team with the business card of the banking representative who assisted you with the cashier’s check – this will allow us to verify and fund without undue delays!

6. Lastly, remember that your closing team is here to make your experience pleasant and as stress-free as possible. Never hesitate to contact your closing team by phone or email with any questions or concerns you might have!

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