These fees are estimates only and subject to change upon receipt of:

  • Payoff Statement
  • Title Commitment
  • Lender’s final closing instructions
  • All final closing documents

Additional fees may be applicable based on the following or comparable situations:

  • Mail-out expenses, third-party notary fees and/or use of a Power of Attorney
  • Doc prep/recording fees for curative matters, multiple payoffs, additional chains of title and/or tax parcels

Disclaimer: Calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only. Heritage Title makes no guaranty or other assurance concerning the accuracy or completeness of information produced by the calculator or the applicability of the data input to your particular situation. Calculator and the data and information produced by it are provided “AS IS” without representation or warranty from Heritage Title of any kind. User assumes the risk that data and/or calculation errors may occur. To ensure that all figures and calculations are correct and relevant to your situation, we encourage you to contact a Heritage Title escrow officer to discuss your specific title insurance needs and to verify all costs and fees prior to closing.

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